the sun’s been quite kind. (cherise) wrote in synthalia,
the sun’s been quite kind.

mix: let the sunshine filter through


let the sunshine filter through. at any point in the day, it is in fact possible to make your day better. sometimes, all you need is a good song to remind you, morning or afternoon or evening.

+ for backtograce, who wanted "good mood music." I honestly went and pulled from a ton of my playlists, going to old favourites because familiar songs always put me in good moods. :p it was odd, though, I realised the strangest songs put me in a good mood, so I had to filter that. and yes, the order progresses through the day. ;)

01. ingrid michaelson, be ok
02. the bird and the bee, la la la
03. snow patrol, crack the shutters
04. corinne bailey rae, put your records on
05. norah jones, those sweet words
06. regina spektor, the call
07. jason mraz, i'm yours
08. u2, beautiful day
09. a fine frenzy, lifesize
10. yael naïm, new soul
11. death cab for cutie, soul meets body
12. rilo kiley, silver lining
13. imogen heap, goodnight and go
14. stars, my favourite book
15. we are scientists, after hours
16. jamie lidell, another day


+ the b(athroom)-side extras

17. eisley, marsh king's daughter
18. switchfoot, innocence again
19. the postal service, nothing better
20. sia, day too soon


Hope you like it, dear! ♥ The rest of you, let me know if you're downloading. :)
Tags: (mixes), mix: let the sunshine

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