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photo six: summer round-ups

It's been a while since I've posted photos in here, hasn't it? Or anything, for that matter. So here are the rest of my summer photos, before I move on organising for the autumn and the school year. :)

Blackberries! Very delicious.

I love this lighting.

More of my roses.

oh, those good ol' summer days.



Sunflower look-alikes in summer sun.

With a dinky digital camera, these shots were ridiculously hard to get. But, a bee!

Movement, clarity.

Tea samples!

Modern teapots.

A nice collection of coloured roses.

My Holga! You'll see photos I've taken with Matilda soon. :)

A nice-looking weed.

My friend's an excellent model, don't you think?

We had so much fun taking these. *grins*

Bonjour, une petite fille.

Another photo with a bee, which you can spot if you look closely ...

Since getting back to Seattle and school, I have a lot more photos that I'd love to post! Look for another photo post soon. :)
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