March 9th, 2009

mix: things I have loved I am allowed to keep.


things I have loved I am allowed to keep. when love evaporates to only an idea in the chill air and roots are buried under the frost. you have to look. you have to know. it's there - you have to reach out and grasp it and hold on.

+ have listened to this 10+ times, legit. I'm sort of in love with it now? I hated the second section for a long time until I found some other songs and now it tells me a beautiful story. a fair number of instrumental, some with heavy lyrics. I'm not much of a lyric person, preferring the instrumental feel of the song (which most of them were chosen for) but there are lyrics that help communicate how I meant the song to fit in, so I've included them. the last track starts about 1:23 in, and what you have to know about the song is in english.

  1. oren lavie, her morning elegance
  2. she looks at the rain as it pours, and she fights for her life
  3. abigail washburn, oh me, oh my
  4. no, I don't know why you love me, no, I don't know why but oh, ya do
  5. mirah, the world is falling
  6. instrumental purposes
  7. charlotte sometimes, build the moon
  8. tell me you love me, tell me you'll love me soon
  9. the london apartments, it is never goodbye
  10. my hands are splitting at the seams
  11. sara bareilles & ingrid michaelson, winter song
  12. they say that things just cannot grow beneath the winter snow, or so I have been told
    the seasons always change and life will find a way
  13. vienna teng, cannonball
  14. so come on courage, teach me to be shy, cos it's not hard to fall
  15. stars, the vanishing
  16. instrumental purposes
  17. epik high, 쉿
  18. instrumental
  19. 植松伸夫 (joe hisaishi), suteki da ne
  20. instrumental
  21. regina spektor, the flowers
  22. things I have loved I am allowed to keep, I'll never know if I'll go to sleep
  23. vienna teng, waking hour
  24. instrumental
  25. laura marling, typical
  26. I have felt loneliness and I know what it feels like
  27. sufjan stevens, seven swans
  28. he will take you; if you run, he will chase you
  29. the weepies, somebody loved
  30. we never said what we were dreaming of, but you turned me into somebody loved
  31. yiruma, kiss the rain
  32. instrumental
  33. epik high, fly (hidden track)
  34. fly, even if love leaves you behind


Please let me know if you're taking. ♥