August 30th, 2008

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Harry Potter fic: As the Wall Crumbles

I wrote this story in October of 2005, on nothing but images flitting about in my mind, Hermione as a child, in the garden, with her parents. To my surprise, hurried typing as my family set dinner around me led to this, and after getting my dear friend Jennifer to beta it, I posted it to Mugglenet Fanfiction here. It got a response far beyond that what I'd imagined, getting featured one month, nominated for a Quicksilver Quill both this and last year. (Thank you so, so much for the nominations. I had tears in my eyes today when I saw the nomination post, and last year left me quite speechless.) People have left amazing reviews, and this fanfiction has so much of my heart invested in it that it's a part of me, as stories should be. In January I was going to edit a couple parts and post it, but of course I haven't committed 'til now. It's as I first posted in it almost three years ago, with a couple minor edits on suggestions. It is as it is.

as the wall crumbles
harry potter: hermione granger et al. 2308 words, pg.
she thinks she steps from one world to another just as she has been doing for so long, but the moment she does, the two worlds meld and blend into one.

notes: so much love for elanne, for betaing this years ago - I haven't forgotten! ♥

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