August 26th, 2008

  • cherise

mix: tripping on eggshells


tripping on eggshells. a mix that grew from a motley collection of songs that invoked that certain je ne sais quoi and a name that I was sure wouldn't fit, but here we are. the songs are sometimes light, sometimes a bit heavy, sometimes easy to understand and at other times not, but they are always beautiful. (in my opinion.)
01. yael naïm, paris
02. fleet foxes, innocent son
03. charlotte martin, redeemed
04. hanne hukkelberg, lucy
05. stars, the ghost of genova heights
06. andain, beautiful things
07. charlotte martin, chocolate
08. adele, hometown glory
09. andrew bird, plasticities
10. the postal service, suddenly everything has changed (the flaming lips cover)
11. sarah slean, eliot
12. radiohead, exit music (for a film)


I hope you enjoy, and if you want a specific song or two, just ask. :)