June 26th, 2008

mix: bare hands won't help you

(banner by me)

bare hands won't help you, but you'll see the sun soon enough. for those times when the world on your back feels too heavy, and a small sadistic part of you wishes the world was ending so your problems wouldn't seem so large.
01. david cook, billie jean
02. adele, chasing pavements
03. stars, look up
04. rilo kiley, under the blacklight
05. rilo kiley, dreamworld
06. coldplay, viva la vida
07. marié digby, better off alone
08. regina spektor, the call
09. holy fuck, lovely allen
10. m83, graveyard girl
11. u2, one (from vertigo tour 2005: live from chicago)


When I go through insane amounts of stress, I listen to music. Thank God I'm so obsessed with music or finals would've had me underground. ;) Enjoy!