January 26th, 2008

  • cherise

music three: Why look, there are explosions in the sky!

I've got music to share. :) Explosions in the Sky! I can assure that you haven't ever heard anything like them. They've only a drum set and three guitars, yet what they produce is actual music -- pure expression of beauty. I'm a sucker for romance, sure, but the first person to give me all the music is my death-metal, plays-bass-in-a-band, hates-the-world friend, whose blood flows on Necrophagist and The Faceless. Believe it.

I've got all the albums and a completely discography download. Comment if you take, please! I find the rate of downloads to comments to be extremely amusing, and while it is inevitable, proof that I shared music with someone always makes my day. :]

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