January 20th, 2008

  • cherise

music two: Top Ten Tunes

[And if you've just come from there, then you probably shouldn't click. :D But just in case, the corresponding toptentunes entry. Please leave comments here, though. Thanks!]

I saw this community today and was completely inspired. I joined, watched and created my "top ten tunes." These ten songs are ones I was obsessed with at some point or another. Very much so. I once listened to "Iris" 14 times in a row, with my friend laughing at me because he saw my last four plays on my Last.fm page. Every time the song would stop and Gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc." would start playing, I would immediately hit the button to go back. And every time my friend laughed. Hee.

So, my top ten all-time favourite songs. If you find yourself obsessed with any of these songs, believe me, I can sympathise. :D

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