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Masterlist of everything I've posted. Written -- now that's another matter.


As the Wall Crumbles (HP: Hermione Granger, 2308 words, pg)
She thinks she steps from one world to another just as she has been doing for so long, but the moment she does, the two worlds meld and blend into one.
» Mugglenet, WizardTales

Pour the night into a glass (Twilight: Edward/Bella, Jacob/Bella, 3076 words, pg)
He would’ve avoided the reception had it not been fifty feet from the actual wedding, but the fact is he can’t leave without goodbye, so he slowly pushes his father toward laughter and champagne and congratulations.
» TwilightArchives

original fiction

yet the sea is never full (7563 words, pg)
She isn’t shivering, and he realizes how cold he is when he can’t feel the pages between his fingers.


The woman stares at the second ticket and
clutches it tighter in her heart-shaped fist,
sweat from the palm of her right hand
and other salt wiped away with her left.

sonata in four parts
Twenty-two years old and her small frame
leads the pack down another dusty road,
away from the fighting behind.
There is more fighting ahead.

in the event of sorrow
I cannot stand the taste of my own tongue.
I have kissed three men since last year –
they all broke me more quickly than the one before.
I wore black for a month.

Inside, flowering or dying
I never knew the courage you have cupped in your fingers,
prepared for life and death and all else.
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